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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Introduction and Procedure تعارف اور طریقہ کار

السلام علیکم،                                                                                                                                                  
   آج کل والدین اپنے بچوں کے رشتوں کے سلسلے میں کافی پریشان ہیں- میرے پاس پاکستانی اور انڈین فیملیز سے کافی سارے پرپوزل ہیں- جو کہ آپ کے بیٹے، بیٹی یا خود آپ کے لیے مناسب ہو سکتے ہیں-  جیسے کہ ڈاکٹر، انجینر، سی اے، بی ڈی ایس، ڈی فارم، آئی ٹی اور ایم بی اے وغیرہ-آپ میرے پاس آن لائن رجسٹرڈ ہوں اور پھر آپ کو پرپوزل لسٹیں ہر ماہ ملیں  گیں-

Assalam o Elekom/ Good Day,
In these days Parents are facing to much problems regarding marriages of their children. I have lot of
educated proposals from Pakistani and Indians families like Doctors, Engineers, CA, B.D.S, MBA, IT and Pharmacist etc for You or your Daughters, Sons, from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, and other
world. Be registered via   Online Matrimonial Form and get Proposals Lists every Month.

Please remember me when ever you will get your match via my services.

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1) Free Membership

After registration, you will get Proposals Lists up to 3 Months. But only other Paid Members can contact you and you can contact to paid members free.

2) Paid Membership
After paying your profile will be Highlighted and put on top with Email ID and Phone Number (if like). So all other Members can contact you directly.And you will get 5 members contact details after receiving the Proposals lists up to 6 Months. For this you will pay 200 SAR (5000 PRs in Pakistan) for 6 months via Banks or Saudi Mobile Recharge Cards.

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My Request to the Parents/ Big Brothers/  Guardians of 30+ Girls, Divorced, Khula Yaftah and Widows is that, You will/may also think to marry your beloved with already married man as 2nd wife. For this please ask Her once, instead of waiting for a Perfect Single Rich Man and get too old and Frustrated your Beloved Daughters or Sisters.

Note: This Service is only for decent Peoples and  not for those Hunters of evil (Therki), who are in search of Missiyar, Contract, Limited, Muttah Marriages, Friendship, Long or Short term Relations.

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